How to cancel Peacock app subscription on iPhone?

okay so here is peacock app so you can upgrade to peacock premium right from the peacock mobile app so just tap upgrade and there are there is pico premium plan which is has access to old content or peacock premium plus which where you have everything including pico premium plus ad free so you can just tap upgrade and here you'll be able to upgrade from iphone device and then to go to apple id at least one day before each renewal date so it's not possible to cancel the subscription on the last day so i think at least 24 hours so let's try to show it so like settings uh and then i'll just tap on my apple id and here i have subscriptions usually so something like that the menu can be a bit different because apple changes designs on newer ios systems so if it's updated it the design can be changed but anyways just go to subscriptions menu and there you will see all your current subscriptions you have tied to your account select peacock and select select cancel subscription in the bottom oops or i mean you can also go to app store app tap on your account in top right and here also tap on subscriptions so that that's alternative way and from here yeah for example you will see all the subscriptions and also if you have peacock subscription you will have it here in the same menu doesn't matter if you go from the app store app or from the settings hope that is helpful you                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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iOS 14 App Store - How to Cancel Subscription
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