How to cancel Planet Fitness membership in the app?

so I just opened the Planet Fitness app and I just want to figure out how can you cancel your Planet Fitness membership is in the app so grunters are FAQs you can read here that our cancellation process might vary from Club to Club so the best way to begin the cancellation process is to contact your home Club location to confirm the cancellation policy in most locations you can send a letter to your home Club requesting to cancel or you can stop by our home cop and cancel in person uh so there you have it it's just like you know network of fitness centers so what you can yeah unfortunately it's not possible to to cancel right in the in the app so it's of course that's a bit annoying so just making it more complicated so if you're signed up to some specific Club the best way to cancel a membership just go in person to that club go to your desk and then just ask the person to cancel a membership on file other way to do it is just to write them an email to specific club or reach out to them on Facebook uh messenger or whatever WhatsApp and also I don't know try to yeah do it like that the thing is yeah it's not possible just to go in the app and there is no like big red button to cancel a membership here you can always delete app account but if you delete your app account probably you just won't cancel your membership so just be careful because these are just two separate things um so yeah that's what I can say here

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