Here is snapchat plus subscription. It's a Snapchat Premium service where you need to pay 3.99 per month via subscription Apple ID and then you get access to all these features. There is a seven day free trial here on every plan. Here you can see the pricing for one month, six months, 12 months. But what to do if you want to cancel?

You need to cancel through the standard procedure. Go to Settings app, tap on your icloud and tap on Subscriptions. Then only from here you will see the list of your subscriptions and then tap on Subscription. Then for example you can see Active Subscription. You will see like Snapchat plus and then just tap cancel subscription.

Here if you have Snapchat Plus you will be able to cancel it from here. If you delete your app, it won't cancel the subscription. If you delete your account, it also won't cancel. That's a bit tricky. Hope this helpful.

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