hello everyone so snapchat plus is the new uh feature from snapchat where you can upgrade for 3.99 per month or different plans for half a year or a year and then uh yeah you can see additional features to cancel a subscription here's what you do so basically tap in top left on your profile so when you just land on snapchat home page on the camera page tap in top left on your profile tap on snapchat plus tap on manage your subscription in the bottom so that's really cool that they just include this link to manage your subscription just in the bottom i really appreciate that because a lot of apps are just hiding this link and everywhere here you have snapchat plus and in the very bottom you have manager subscription link so just tap there and if you are logged in into your apple id account you will be redirected to your subscriptions page and then you can just tap on snapchat and here you can tap cancel subscription in the bottom so that's basically it here you can also change subscription from monthly to how to yearly or to six months plan and stuff like that so yeah that's basically how it works um hope this is helpful

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