so here is bitcoin app and if you go to your profile in top left tap on your icon in top right um and then go to help this is the option like which helps you out like how to cash out so the solution for sweetcoin is to make it a fully fledged cryptocurrency and that should be happening this summer about this summer it should be listed on exchanges but it says don't wait for this you can spend your sweet coins on the marketplace with brand prep partners uh paypal and amazon watchers features regular especially if you're inviting lots of friends um so yeah but like i was trying to do that for marketplace and like to get to earn something for like amazon voucher it was unrealistic amount of steps so for people who don't know sweetcoin app is all about if you just work you can earn crypto and all of that but now it's uh yeah it's uh it's will be converted really for sweetcoin crypto and yeah then you should be able to to exchange that

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