How to change a heart color in SUSH app?

Here is Sush app and how to change your heart color in the Sush app. So just go to your profile on top left, tap on your icon on top left and then just tap change your color. So here you can just customize it. So it can be black or it can be red. So there is like a, and yeah, okay. So any other color it can also be. So for example, you can do it like that. And there are all the main colors here, which you can just tap around. So yeah, that's the idea. And then you can just change it. And then if you go to your Sush, like you will see the different hearts here in the top, right. And also you can change color right from here. So that's how you have like differentiate with your partner on this heart colors when you're raising this Sush together.

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