hello everyone here is snapchat and if i tap in top left on my snapchat icon i will see here my dashboard and i just upgraded to snapchat plus so tap on that from here i can change my snapchat app icon so this way i will change the app icon and i want need to use some shortcuts or some third-party apps where the experience is not that great so here you see all these icons and let's just try so for example i want to change to this old school icon and there you have it it was changed instantly and then as you can see the icon has changed so and it doesn't work like as with shortcuts um so maybe you know there are a bunch of apps where you can change the icons and you will you shortcut app probably and then you will need to click and then click again and then that's basically yeah it's not the best experience because it's a double click here it's works perfectly and really nice um like templates which you can try out so like this so yeah and then you just open it up and it works perfect so i'm using iphone i'm not sure if this feature is available on android but yeah there you have it so here you can tap learn more and then yeah there is a nice support article and then yeah as i was saying it's not available on android yet uh this feature is currently only available on ios we are working hard to make this available on android so hope that is helpful uh you need to subscribe to snapchat plus it's 399 dollars per week and it is available only in few countries so it's not all around the world yet it's only in us uk and few other countries but it will be rolling out to other geographies soon

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