How to change Apple id on SnapChat?

how to change Apple ID on Snapchat so some users encountered this error that when you're trying to upgrade to Snapchat Plus it works but then if you try to upgrade for another account maybe your friend's account or in other situations it doesn't work so basically as with any other app is understand you can only have one Snapchat Plus subscription associated with one specific Apple ID so that's that you can have multiple you can't have multiple Snapchat Plus subscriptions on one Apple ID so to change Apple ID on Snapchat yeah you just change and log out from your Apple ID just go to your app store app that's another app go to your profile account in top right scroll down tap sign out and then sign in again with different credentials with different Apple ID uh and then then after that you can use that different Apple ID to to with another Snapchat account if you want to upgrade and buy all the perks maybe you just changed phones might be your friend is using your phone or something like that there can be multiple cases of course ideally I just advise you to just use one Apple ID if it's one Snapchat account uh don't use like multiple Snapchat accounts uh Snapchat Plus accounts because Dan is just getting on one phone because it's just getting complicated even if your friend wants to log out or something like that of course if that account is already upgraded to Snapchat Plus you can just use it but you can't upgrade like that

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