so here is how to change bitmoji background for snapchat plus subscribers so i just tap on my profile so i just tap on my image tap on pause and background and here i can change you can see there are some premium backgrounds here for example something like this and this is only for snapchat plus or this and then yeah you can just change that i don't know if now pauses are not included here but that's basically how it works so again you need to be snapchat plus subscriber and go to your profile tap the background icon in your 3d bitmoji header choose an exclusive background you will see a ribbon with a star on it on the background exclusive to snapchat plus so something like that and you can see a bunch of them there aren't that many yet so i want to try to go here so there are only three at the moment like this summer vacation kind of this golden one and this uh stone so yeah i like this one and just tap save and there you have it so now i just changed my background in snapchat plus i hope this is helpful and that's how it works

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