How to change comment icon in Yik Yak?

How to change comment icon in Yik Yak?

What is Yik Yik comment icon?

Yik Yak comment icon is a random emoji and color that appear next to comments you make. Comment icons make it easier to manage comment threads.

You can reset your comment icon at any time. But, you can't undo this.

Change comment avatar in Yik Yak app

  1. Go to Settings in the bottom right.
  2. Tap More Options in the bottom.
  3. Tap "Reset Comment icon". Tap "Change Comment icon".
  4. That's it!

It is not possible to select a specific comment icon - it is a random emoji.

What is Yik Yak app?

Get Yik Yak on App Store.

Yik Yak App Review

Yik Yak is a social networking smartphone app that debuted in 2013 and was redesigned in 2021. It's only available for iOS and lets you create and view conversation threads within a 5-mile radius.

In 2013 this app swept the America, becoming popular on college campuses and middle and high schools. Within a 5-mile radius of their location, users may submit messages anonymously on the app's platform. Users could vote for or against the notes. Yik Yak, the anonymous messaging app that the government shut down four years ago after receiving numerous accusations that it encouraged bigotry, discrimination, and threats of violence on college campuses, has resurfaced.

After an untimely demise in 2017, the anonymous gossip app was resurfaced on the iOS App Store under new management, sparking renewed interest in the long-dead social network. With a reputation for rampant cyberbullying and harassment, the app's collapse was primarily due to moderation issues.

Whats new in Yik Yak?

A sidebar within the new app directs users to "keep safe" sites that cover a variety of concerns that may occur on the app, including ridesharing, bullying, sexual consent, and COVID-19. However, the app does not currently have specific misleading policies.

Another part in the sidebar provides a list of mental health services and urges users to downvote and report any bullying on the app so that the Yik Yak staff may evaluate it. The business claims to immediately delete yaks with five or more downvotes from the app's feed. Still, we've requested additional information about its content moderation plans, including if a team at Yik Yak is devoted to the task.

The new Yik Yak is focused on location-based sharing, allowing users to send messages, known as "yaks," to anybody within a five-mile radius. If you're in a remote or otherwise peaceful region free of yaks, you can entertain yourself by reading the confessions that appear on a chart of popular national postings.

Yik Yak on Android:

Potential yakkers must be iPhone users in the United States to download the app – it is not available for Android users or individuals in other countries. If you want to try it, search for YikYak on the App Store and download it by pressing "get."

Yik Yak on App Store:

Yik Yak is only available on App store and if you have an iOS device, you are lucky to use it.

Is Yik Yak Safe?

Being aware of the difficulties that will undoubtedly develop on a social network and being prepared to regulate those issues on a large scale are two very different ideas. Yik Yak is anonymous, but it's also an app that focuses on what's going on in real life within a certain radius, which may make moderating much more difficult.

For the time being, many of the highest-ranking posts are eager discussion about the app's comeback from former Yik Yak enthusiasts — primarily younger millennials who've graduated from college. However, a sprinkling of popular postings cautions that Gen Z-ers who were too young to utilize Yik Yak while it was at its peak will have no idea what hit them.

Yik Yak iOS app

On Yik Yak, anonymously connect with everyone within 5 miles.

It’s the same Yik Yak experience millions knew and loved, and now you can live it again.

All you need to do to get started on Yik Yak is verify your humanity with a valid U.S. phone number.

Inside the app, your identity is a secret. This makes it fun and easy to jump into conversations without societal labels! Everyone is equal on Yik Yak.

Other people within 5 miles of your location on Yik Yak are your "herd".

When you post a message (called a "yak"), it's visible to your herd.

You can upvote or downvote yaks to show your like or dislike of the content!

On the Hot feed, yaks from the last 24 hours are ranked by number of total upvotes!

To start a conversation around any yak, you can easily comment and start a dialogue.

Notifications make it easy to keep up to date with activity.

To make things easy to understand, we've included awesome tutorials.

Want to see what's going on all around the country? Check out the Nationwide Hot and Nationwide Top feeds to stay on top of the national pulse!

To keep everyone safe on Yik Yak, make sure you review our Community Guardrails before you get started!

It's finally time to Find Your Herd again! The yak is back!


okay so how to change your yik yak profile picture or like comment icon because here you don't actually have a profile it's anonymous app so for example here i just posted it uh and then i can just leave some comment for example and then you will see um okay so let's check another example like my comments and then you will see my icon all the people have these different icons and if you're not happy with your icon you can just change it so just go to more options and then here you can reset comment icon your comment icon is a random emoji your current command icon is this is some kind of these so i can just change it and now these are like bugs emoji so that's that                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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