How to change display currency in Cash App - BTC or sats?

so here is cash app bitcoin tab did you know that you can change your display currency from bitcoin to satoshi's uh so just depending on the balance you have uh like one bitcoin is like uh uh yeah uh 48 000 at the moment 293 us dollars and hundred thousand sats is 48 29 usd so basically sadoshis are like kind of coins or bitcoins uh yeah so you can do that satoshis are another unit measuring your bitcoin as satoshi is the smallest unit of bitcoin currency uh units of satoshi are generally regarded as more readable because they deal mostly in the whole numbers instead of fractions so one bitcoin is equal to 100 million saroshes so you can do that so that's that's basically depending what's what's better for you what's better for your balance or bitcoin bitcoin balance you can just switch to said rushes instead of like displaying 0.0 something bitcoin you can just have i have like this like uh so many thousands of satoshis so yeah uh hope that is helpful

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