How to change investment limits in Republic app?

okay so here is a republic app so if you tap on more in the bottom right um you can uh go to settings and then you have investor settings and then you have your investment limits how much you can invest in private offerings is defined by the sec the limits right by the offering regulation type and advice on your net worth and annual income so you can change your cf limit a plus limit how much you can invest per company in a regulation plus deals is ten percent of of the greater of your income net worth so you can just tap update information and then um you can there are two ways either you are credited investors so yes how are you accredited individual is not force one million plus with or without support suppose with annual income 20k plus in last year 300k plus response entity of trust is 5 million plus in assets funeral license individual in good entity with all accredited investors other please explain so if you are a credited investor there are one terms if no you can just set your limits and then you just answer all these questions is it whether it includes your spouse whether you have invested in crowdfunding offerings what's your job title job industry and all of that so yeah and then you just tap update information and there you have it that's the way to increase these limits so it defaults to 2200 minimum so yeah until you provide your income and that uh worst information your limit is set to a default menu of 2200 per year which you can invest with republic                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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