How to CHANGE PFP in BUD app?

to change a profile picture in bad app just tap on your profile in top left then you have edit profile and then you can change profile picture so here you can easily choose from your avatar so if you want an avatar profile picture you can just choose from that um and basically to completely customize your picture of course you just need to change your avatar so that's what you can do here um yep but of course then also you can choose from photos and you can you can also just view how it looks like um and there is your account and then there is your avatar and here you can customize your avatar if you want so for example i can just change my hair or something and my clothing so i can use some of this and then i can just um yeah so something like that and then i can just tap done and then i can again change my profile picture and then i think avatar should be updated so then i now changed not only the pose but like completely changing my profile picture here hope that is helpful

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