How to change privacy of TikTok now when you are posting?

here is Tick Tock Now app and when you're trying to post so let's just tap to pause so let's uh post some test image how to change privacy of it so you have three minutes to do it and here in the bottom you have this button to tap who can view so this is how you change the Privacy meaning who will be able to view comment and like your content is our friends who are friends on Tick Tock now so these are basically people you follow and they follow you back there is now a separate friend tab or anything or you can just post to everyone meaning it will be available in Tick Tock now Discovery feed I think it won't be available in my Tick Tock feed it will be just available in like in The Tick Tock now a feed so don't be afraid if you posted some video use it on the sofa and like millions of people can see now it's just in Tick Tock now and still people to see it even if it's an app for everyone to see it people and users need to post their own Tick Tock now your now will appear as coward if viewers are not your friends or they haven't posted now so that's where you can change this privacy it's not possible to completely make this private also if you tap on memories tab on the your settings in Tick Tock now you can change your privacy after you have posted

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