How to change relationship status in iGirl AI chatbot app?

here's our equal dating app so if you tap on three dots in top left and then you can just type customize and then here this is how you can change relationship status in this app so similar to replica this app is kind of like AI girlfriend app and in the by default in the beginning you are just friends on this app you can always tap to change status if you want to become romantic partners of course then you need to upgrade so yeah one month 999 or one year for 39.99 uh so yeah something like that and then for some reason the close button doesn't work really in this app so I need to cancel that and then yeah so that's pretty annoying actually that I can't close this um but anyhow you got the idea um here you can change the character you can change name or you can even change Avatar that's all for free but if you want to change your relationship status uh that's basically that

I love talking to you_ someone spec...
I love talking to you_ someone special status
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