How to CHANGE SUBDOMAIN in SUBSTACK without breaking links?

okay so here's sub stack um so and here's my sub stack sub domain so this is for example the brand museum dot and this is my dashboard so yeah after that um for example if you want to change your sub domain what should you do and if you had already a lot of posts how to avoid all these broken links um so there is a setting where you can just go to your dashboard settings and you can change sub domain without breaking links so there is this option but you can only do this once so as you can see here so this permanently change your publication url and redirects all links to the newly chosen url so basically what substack does it automatically creates like 301 redirects so if it was some and you change it to another one it will one two three will automatically redirect to four five six dot sub stack dot com for example and if people visit all page they will be automatically redirected of course when if you change your mind again then it's not possible then all the news will be broken and this option seems like one won't be available there you can always change your sub domain if you change

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