How to change to YEARLY subscription in SnapChat+?

how to change the yearly subscription in Snapchat Plus so just tap app store app tap on your profile picture go to subscriptions and then from here it's tab Snapchat Plus and then see all plans and from here you can change to yearly subscription which is like a 12 months plan yeah as you can see monthly plan is 399 months it's like almost four dollars so it will be like 48 dollars yearly almost like here if you select yearly subscription it will be almost like eight dollars less so it's cheaper obviously so you can choose to do that and upgrade to yearly um yeah also you can just go to Snapchat Plus here and tap on Snapchat Plus scroll to the bottom and tap manage your subscription and from here you will be redirected to the same link but it didn't work from here in my case there was some glitches uh yeah it's it's a bit glitchy so I just did it from the settings from the Apple Store app

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