How to check Apple ID Balance and ADD FUNDS?

to add funds to apple id balance just go to app store tap on your profile and tap on your icloud account you need to confirm that with your touch id or or face id but if you do that once for some periods you don't need to confirm more here you will see your apple id balance and then you can add money to your apple id month uh balance so here's you have default amounts twenty five dollars fifty dollar hundred dollars and you just can select this amount at your account balance and use it to buy apps games music products accessories and more and then just tap for example 25 dollars and then you just need to confirm with your face id or touch id as the same as you buy any app on the app store or do any purchase inside of the app so something like that this is how you can do it you can set up also uh outer a lot to or to your apple id balance fi for example here five uh dollars you automatically be added to your apple account when your balance falls below one dollar so something like that and then you can also schedule that because in some situations you just need to be sure that you have this apple id balance funded in case you have some you know recurring subscriptions or you know some situations where you don't have access to your debit card or something like that so it can be helpful

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