How to check if Widgetable pets update is finally on Android?

A lot of Android users have been eagerly waiting for the update of Widgetable Pets on Android. The iOS version of this app gained immense popularity, but unfortunately, it is still not available on the Google Play Store. So, how can you check if the Widgetable Pets update has finally arrived on Android?

One way to check is by visiting the Google Play Store and looking at the latest screenshots. If the feature has been released, it is highly likely that it will be showcased in the screenshots, especially considering its high demand. Additionally, you can check the date of the latest update. For example, if the date is August 12th, you can investigate whether that specific update includes the Widgetable Pets feature.

Another approach is to read the recent reviews of the app. By browsing through the reviews, you can quickly identify if the latest update, particularly that of August 12th, mentions the inclusion of this highly anticipated feature. It seems, however, that as of now, the latest update still lacks the desired functionality. This may leave Android users feeling disappointed.

If you want to be absolutely sure, you can simply download the app on your Android device and update it to the latest version. By doing so, you can directly check if the update includes the Widgetable Pets feature or not. Now, let's take a closer look at how the pads feature works on iOS.

When you navigate to Widgetable on an iPhone 14 Pro, you will notice the presence of ads, which can be a bit bothersome. However, once you bypass the ads, you will find various tabs, including "Shop," "Friends," "Pads," and "Garden." The "Pads" tab is where the much-awaited feature lies. Here, you can see eggs, manage and co-parent different pads, and keep track of your active pads. Additionally, you can invite friends to co-parent the pads with you through the co-parenting tab. This viral feature allows individuals to share the responsibility of taking care of pets with their friends. It has become incredibly popular, especially when used in collaboration with partners or friends—an exciting and enjoyable way to bond with loved ones.

In conclusion, while the Widgetable Pets update is still unavailable on Android, there are ways to stay informed about its potential arrival. Checking the Google Play Store for latest screenshots and update details, as well as reading recent reviews, can provide insights into the absence or inclusion of the much-desired feature. Alternatively, downloading the app and updating it to the latest version will allow you to personally explore whether Widgetable Pets is now available on Android. The co-parenting feature, a viral element of the app, offers a delightful way to share the responsibility of taking care of pets with friends and partners.

Video transcript from Widgetable Pets on iOS gave Android users a glimpse into the exciting functionality they can look forward to. With luck, an Android update with the anticipated pads feature will be available soon, satisfying the eager Android user base.

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