How to check if you downloaded an app on iPhone?

so here is an interesting question a lot of users especially new users on ios asking like how to check if you downloaded an app so the way i would do it i will just open app store app so this is a default app which is on all ios devices and then just tap the name of the app so for example i'm interested if i downloaded messenger or facebook then i just tap on that app and if i see open or update if i get just one of these two options it means i already have that app downloaded if i see get it means i don't have that app on my device so for example uh let me just show you um some other so if i see like dual messenger i see god so it means i don't have it and i didn't download it before if i see this kind of cloud for example for viber it means i have downloaded it before but it's not on my on my device right now and i need to redownload it so yeah it means some time ago i was downloaded i installed it but now it's gone because sometimes on iphones you have an optimization setting that it will automatically delete some apps which you're not using a lot and will free up storage so that's pretty cool so yes you can see i also downloaded gmail a while ago but iphone automatically deleted this app offloaded this app as it called and now it's not here so that's the idea hope it is helpful

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