How to check Wi-Fi network security in hotel or airbnb with a Fing app?

here is think app it's a quite interesting app which can help you with network security you can understand and improve your security and especially it is helpful it is helpful when you are traveling and you are staying in some hotel or some Airbnb and you can really check your network security there I would really recommend using this app there um you can for example if you're traveling for work and you're using you know like Hotel Wi-Fi and you have some sensitive data on your laptop or your work computer work phone it's always best idea that's just to use this app and just to check out if there if there aren't some like obvious red flags in public Wi-Fi so you can see who is on your Wi-Fi if someone's stealing the Wi-Fi is Network secure and also other hidden cameras for example in your Airbnb that's because there was like some viral tweet recently where some person actually took photos that they were like hidden cameras in Airbnb so uh that's what it is so what you need to do is just go to the app open the app it will automatically because if you're already connected to Wi-Fi you have to automatically detect that and then you just need to tap scan devices you will see it will find all the devices which are on the network so yep that's basically how it works and then if if there are some cameras or something around it you you can you can will just see them here um so yep uh hope that's helpful

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