How to CLAIM $ENS AIRDROP? Until May 4th 2022

hello so here is enc dot domains and if you just go to the website you can just see that ena is now available for climbing claim your ens and participate in s governance so you can just click on that link and then you'll just redirect it to ens mirror dot x y that and then there you have it we are pleased to announce the launch of ian nancy gordon in stockholm vms here's what you need to know claim site is now open claim enos domains and the ns token contract is token dot in asda dot ether users have until may force 22 to uh claims our tokens after which any remaining tokens will be sent to uh yeah the dow treasury the snapshot for all allocations airdrop contributors discord users took place on october 31st we'll encourage you to continue to use cns and participate and there you have it you can see dial overview you can see all the ethereum address okay so i'll just go here and that's airdrop [Music] so then you need to connect your wallet i didn't do it before so let's see how it works actually yeah so then connect but of course you need to have purchased uh leona's domain uh [Music] and then you you see that you are not eligible for the airdrop because yeah i don't own like dot ethereum domain so you see like your rewards historical activity future registration latest expiration and then climb your tokens this ethereum account is not eligible for the address make sure you're connected with the right account um yeah so something like that um yeah so you just go to client.ens dot domain slash dashboard and if you bought some domains here like if you bought it you can get this air drop i don't know what happens if you just bought your domains here um and yeah like can you still then climb climb your tokens so if you don't decide now to buy like five domains for two years each can you then climb your tokens and get some money back so that's uh that's an interesting question i don't know answer to that uh but there you have it so here just on the left you will see historical activity future registration there are different types of rewards for each of these items dances latest expiration and yeah something like that

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