How to claim reserved World grants - full guide. AFTER ORB VERIFICATION

Hey guys, so I'm trying to redeem my World Coin reservations. I'm already verified with World ID. Here is my Grand stab, and then I see the button to redeem my reservations. I don't know when it will be available. I just verified my World ID yesterday, so now I'm verified. Let's tap on it and see what happens.

When I tap on it, it says, "Claim your reserved grants. This action could take up to five minutes." It's progressing, and I see that the first one is claimed. Let's check if the next one is being claimed. Okay, the second one is also claimed. It seems to be working for me, which is pretty cool.

For some people, claiming reserved grants has varied. Some said it's not possible, while others waited for weeks or even months. However, for me, it seems to be working smoothly. I was able to claim all the grants in the app, with tokens arriving shortly in my wallet.

Some users reported that activating GPS or using the app on another phone with the same World Coin account helped them claim their reserved grants. The World Coin app releases grants in multiple waves, so patience and luck are key factors in claiming them successfully.

It's essential to be part of the wave when the grants are released. Some users faced delays and issues with the app, leading to expired grants, which can be frustrating. My experience is ongoing, and I will keep you posted on the progress.

The app's glitchiness might cause delays in redeeming reservations. Two grants have already been redeemed, but others are taking some time. Stay tuned for updates on my experience. Keep an eye on the process as it unfolds in real-time.

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