to clear ghost Trail your ghost trial via Snapchat map just tap on map tap in the bottom left and then only in this tab you need to go to map settings by tapping your icon in top right from here uh you can just turn off Coast mode your location history updates while you have uh Snapchat open one enabled ghost mode your friends can't see your location and your ghost trial is cleared so it is I think maybe it is enabled by default um so it's even it's if it's not enabled um so it can be just disabled but then by enabling and even disabling it and then disabling it you can clear your ghost trial so ghost trial is a new feature from Snapchat Plus where some friends can see where you are walking what what were you doing during the last 24 hours um so that's basically the idea and yeah that's how it works so again to clear a ghost trial if you don't want to see that your friends uh see like what you are doing just turn on and then turn off and that's enough to clear this kind of ghost trial uh history but another thing is that ghost trial is only available during the last 24 hours um so um I don't know should you do it every day to clear the ghost Trail so that's the question

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