so if you try to close your spotify account here's what you need to do so if you just go to your um to your spotify account here on desktop there is no button anywhere to delete your account don't even search so it's in the support center so you need to go to article close account then to got premium you need to contact customer support um yeah and then uh yeah if you if you just get premium you can just stop paying and then spotify uh will start using your free account but to delete your account completely you can just go through the support section just like support to your slash clause account so that's how you can delete your account let's just go through it together um yeah it's a bit annoying that you just can't do it right into the app [Music] and then yeah it's this is here that you are getting a lot of um so here you just need to send a message to request your account deletion so i just click send a message and now there is a message as window loading uh here you can see all the options and then basically what you need to do is just right here like delete my account and then just proceed with this chatbot so something like that i guess and and then just proceed with the uh with the questions and just right delete my account and proceed with the uh yeah there probably will be some instructions but seems there are today a lot of requests to do it it may take some time until you will be contacted to the human support so this is just what it takes um yeah like a lot of people are deleting spotify account today because there is some controversy with jarogan and neil young so neil yan asked to uh to remove all of his music from spotify and like if they don't remove some jarogan content so like spotify chose to keep jorogan so some people are not so happy so yeah it's like often on content services like spotify there will be some issues but here in this video i just wanted to show that yes it is possible to completely close your account not just to cancel the subscription um yeah then you can re open your account uh spotify will email you a link which you can use to rectify your account within seven days after those seven days your accounts gone forever you can always create a new one so you can always reactivate just in case but after seven days your account is gone so that's basically it um yeah again it's it's a bit yeah it's a bit strange there is no like direct button and spotify just hey i want to delete my account that's that's actually what a good company would do but yeah like it's so hard for spotify to get these subscriptions that they just hiding this option and making it quite difficult so it's not only you that you have struggles with deleting your spotify account it's everyone um so yeah if you have some better data information how to cancel your account please leave it in the comments below

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