How to co-author a tweet in Twitter CoTweet?

so how to co-author a tweet so that's a new feature and um that's basically how it looks like um so it's called code tweet you have been invited to share ownership of a tweet if you accept a code which will be published showing you both as co-authors and that's just uh some new feature which probably will be coming to twitter rather soon um you will be able to create a tweet piece co authors and then you can send requests to other coursers and this is how it looks like then you will res that that person will receive this notification in their notifications tab and then that person will also receive a dm uh which can look like that so that's basically the idea so that's how you apply for costs or tweets and how to do that and yeah so just follow matt navarra for more info about it i don't know when this feature is coming out probably it's not live yet um or we in which state it will be included will it be paid feature or free feature all of that anyhow hope that is helpful

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