How to collapse Lock Screen notifications on iPhone?

hello everyone so in case you have this situation so you have notifications from uh uh like some app some Facebook Messenger LinkedIn uh on your lock screen on iPhone and then you just have like you know dozens of these notifications so why like how do you collapse them how do you make them smaller so there is a button in the top which say show last so that's about that uh maybe it's a it's super easy but some people it's just quite hard sometimes to find that button if if your notifications are focused in one a place then you don't have that or you can just tap show as also you can always uh oops that I just want to do that notification uh swipe left and then you can tap clear all or you can see options and then you can just turn off options for or you can mute for today on mute from Turner one hour if you turn off it means that you won't receive notifications from LinkedIn anymore for example hope that clarifies things a bit especially if you just started to use iPhone or if you didn't know about these features before

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