hey everyone did you know that you can compare dates in google search console so yeah when you just go to search results here by default you will have a date something like last three months or you can select the last date so yeah here you can see just like last three months for example um and then yeah uh i didn't i don't know if this feature was before but now you can click here in the compare tab so it's like a separate tab and then here you can compare last 7 days to previous period last 28 days compare last month a custom comparison with this start date or is this start date and then you can just yes select that so compare last 28 days to previous period and then just tap apply so there you have it and then then basically you will see something like this so you can compare user clicks impressions clicks to write average position [Music] and yeah and then what's like really cool you can compare specific pages for example how much clicks did they got like uh last 28 days was previous previous 28 days and all of that and then you can select countries devices search appearance dates and all of that so that's kind of uh pretty cool so that's that if you guys didn't know that there you have it

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