How to connect AirPods 3rd generation for FIRST TIME to iPhone?

so here I'm connecting airpods search generation to iPhone 14 pro and just doing it the first time so what you need to do is just basically hold your earpods in the case and then just move the case closer to iPhone that's it and then you will just see these notifications in the bottom and supported headphones are connected serial announced calls and time sensitive notifications so then you can just tap connect in the bottom and then you can also enable personalized special audio so you can try that so something like that that's how you set up special audio I guess foreign just trying to do that to show you guys um I should it's a bit interesting here it's kind of doesn't work for me yet for some reason yeah okay I got it but all right finally in the right ear position the right side of your heart in the camera frame unobstructed view of your ear then move your head slightly to the right and then the left angles of your ear so are you captured your life yeah so it's a lot of movement some yeah you have completely personalized special audio setup and now you can see how your airpods are kind of connected uh you can also accept there is usually some special offer from uh free music with your airpods so you can accept that if you want and six months free trial then 10.99 per month so you can also discard that but that's basically the process so you just set up your connect your airpods set up special audio and then usually if there is Apple music subscription you can try that as well

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