hey everyone so here is it uh it's our ethereum token approval uh site here you can revoke token approvals for any dap so to connect your metamask wallet or any other wallet just tap connect to web3 and then here you will just have access to your metamask and then you will be able to connect your account and then of course you need to have your metamask extension connected then you can just collect connect that and then just tap next [Music] and then uh it should be connected at some point so let's just reload the page this one i was just checking not for mine but for just for this checker still not connected okay what's please note that this is a better version feature is provided on azis and is available based attrascan does not give any warranties and it will not be apple friendly lost directly and directs through continuous of this feature so finally i connected here [Music] so here you can see the contracts and all of that um so yep that's the idea i can then just go to eater scan um so yep you can see but anyways this was just [Music] so something like that but anyways you have the idea now that it's possible to connect a meta mask here and then you can just disconnect it as well something like that

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