How to connect MetaMask to PancakeSwap app?

hello everyone so here is pancake swap dot finance so this is their website uh this is one of the top like exchanges on ethereum i might be they will add more chains in the future but to connect your wallet you just type here in the top right here are the main options matama trust wallet wallet connect um and then if you tap there are also these options finance chain mass wallet token pocket coin 98 so you can just type here like metamask usually i just everyone just has meta mask and then there will be like a metamask extension where you can just uh connects like your wallet and then let's see what happens so here okay so it will switch network to binance smart chain so yep something like that and then you have here uh your wallet now is connected uh yeah so now you can just change language uh you can see all the settings as well slippage tolerance expert mode disable multi-hops all that and this is your wallet now you can disconnect here as well so hope that is helpful

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