uh so basically here is a new app which is called directv and uh here you can uh like yeah this app was just recently updated and there are still so many bugs so anyhow to to reach out to support you can just tap on support section in the directv or you can go support or satellite i don't know if you need to use satellite but anyhow this is the support page for directv and then here you will see all the options where you can contact you can always reach out them on social media like on twitter just usually a lot of these brands allow you to to write them in the amps or write them a message on their twitter account like here you can just reach out and start a message you can always chat you can reach out them on facebook and then there is this phone number support phone number uh every day from 8 am to midnight eastern time so the support number is 833 917 3112 so this is the number which you can reach out so yep that's basically the idea um hope that can be helpful

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