How to contact support in Dream by Wombo app?

here's a dream by womba app and there are like a lot of servers issues recent and boxing glitches because there are like millions of new users trying to sign up so to contact support just go to app store and tap on the contact support here you will be redirected to which was their previous app which was doing ai gifs but this app is generating artwork based on ai but this is the same company so to reach out to support uh for dream app so this is where you need to write just reach out at hello at wombo ai so something like that that's what you can have and then just mention your issue so this is at least that what you can do maybe you can reach out also them on social media and try to tag them especially yeah like on discord you can join them you can join on instagram or try to reach out on twitter maybe they have open dm so this is the company so here you can try to reach out to them so try that

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