How to contact support in Dream by Wombo app? Best way

in case you're using dreamboy wombo app and there are some issues and this app actually is quite glitchy and buggy recently like the best way to get really personal support as i discovered is you need to go to their discord so in top left go to their discord you can easily accept invitation and then here there is like a feedback channel so there is dream category and then dream feedback so so there you have it uh and then here you can just write a message there are no blocks no everything so you can just write here and you will see that a lot of developers are replying directly and like super fast like people asking about dark mode there are replies about dark mode people even personally helping if something doesn't work or you want to for example you generated some nice image you didn't save it so you can also recover that not site image uh you can get some like personal feedback people asking if there is a higher resolution photos you can get some suggestions on app development app roadmap is there a premium version there are many updates coming so you can tag helper if you have any questions in the future so yep something around that so yeah yep uh so here you can see a lot of just a lot of feedback and it's really nice channel to have this feedback so yep something around it uh hope this is helpful

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