hello so to conduct support in exodus crypto wallet you just go here in the right tab uh in the bottom and then you can just tap support and from here you can first just get the live status updates about exodus app and then you can also just tap contact us and then you can either message or email us so for example if you want to email just leave your email address and then just leave type your message include a safe report you can attach some data also there is like a chat option you can create a new conversation then just select a topic so for example you can see topics like transaction not sent by crypto did not receive crypto cannot exchange crypto lost access to wallet security question ftx nfts reported back asset a feature request exotus public offering all of these features you can just ask or some other like some other questions so you can do that and then just send this request but yeah that's cool because i don't have any upgrades i didn't do any transactions yet and i'm on a free account so and yes i just offering support so that's cool so you don't need to buy anything to access support on this app hope that is helpful

How to Contact GCash Hotline and Cu...
How to Contact GCash Hotline and Customer Service
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