How to contact support in Finch Self Care widget app?

so to conduct support in finch self care path widget app just tap on your icon top left scroll to the very bottom and then report issue and you should be able to contact support or you can just write support but if you do it from the from the finch app you will just be automatically added app version os device model account and that's what all the developers need you can also add some screenshots and yeah just write your feedback or any other issue if you want to delete your account or delete your data or stuff like that you can ask to do it here so just in case you have any issues with the app also uh like you can see that the developer team is very responsive for this app for every view you are leaving on the app store at least you will have a developer response so definitely also you can just leave reviews and if it's like yeah you probably will get some feedback from the developers and overall people are sending really good words about the level of support in this app so definitely give it a try

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