How to contact support in Frank Speech app?

okay so here's frank's speech app you can access it on web browser frank speech dot com there is no mobile app so you can't find it in apps or google play store and our sbn app is not frank's speech it's a different app [Music] but yeah this app at the moment is quite limited so it's only like tv news media videos there is no like social media element you can create an account but that's what you have here and the app is quite buggy yeah it can be down actually so i don't i couldn't find even some email address or some social media accounts to this app where you can tag people or write an email or create a support ticket to reach out to support so that's what it is just this video may maybe someone else knows about it so just leave it in the comments below maybe it will will be helpful so yeah if you know how to conduct support in frank's speech just leave it in the comments below it can help many other people thanks                                        

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