How to contact support in MONEYGRAM app?

hey there so how to contact support in a MoneyGram app so yeah when you open up MoneyGram app just have three dots in the top right and then tap live chat and then from live chat yeah just you can start chat like that uh by starting chat to your knowledge privacy policy and then yeah you can just enter first last name email address phone number you can also select uh uh uh yeah so if it's like uh regarded to your latest money transfer you can just select that and then have some help otherwise you can always reach out to contact us I need to accept cookies because in Europe and then general questions complained and then here you just can enter your contact information legal last name email address additional information money transfer bill payment money order sent to account um so yeah something like that and then you can just send some common tab submit so you can do that if Live Chat is not available you can just access that if now then it's not possible I don't see the option here to contact your phone via call so it's only a live chat email support then you can always read some additional information in FAQ so there you have

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