How to contact support in Temu app?

how to contact support in Tamil app so here is the app so if you go to YouTube and then go to here you can select support there are different categories you can go and uh just read their FAQ Center Support Center or you can just tap on support and then just write a this in the real time chat and then you can start chatting with your agent and then you can just tap start the chat of course maybe it will be like a bot first but then you can contact with a real human and you can see yeah all these questions how long does it take for order to arrive can I add more items to an existing order uh cancel return or refund can't find my order others all of that so you can easily reach out and 24 7 support you don't need to upgrade or be premium member anything to access it but you need to have your account it's super easy to create an account just signing in with apple Google Facebook Twitter whatever so yeah hope that is helpful

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