How to CONTACT SUPPORT or DELETE ACCOUNT in NoteIt drawing widget app?

here is noted app and after a new update you can just tap on the information icon top left and then you can send feedback and contact support so to conduct support here just write support at note it dot cc and then you can just write your concern or your feedback you will have your user id build version build number so this is the information which can help the developer so there you have it also this can be the way to delete your account uh because i don't see any other option so in case you are concerned with the you know with the nodes with the contents you send using this app this is a way to either conduct supports and app feedback maybe you've seen some another bug or you have some app ideas and yeah just reach out for help or delete your account or anything like that so that's what i would do [Music] so yeah that's the idea i hope that can be helpful thank you for watching

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