How to contact T-Mobile Support regarding LG IMS STOPPED Working issue?

so if you want to contact t-mobile's support regarding the this ltims bug this annoying pop-up if you have that you can go to tab in top right and then there is contact support depending on your location you can just open the chat with expert you can call 1-800 t-mobile and then there's also like help and support section from here you can reach out but there is no answer to to that question just try to do open chat but additionally there is this thread in and there is exactly threads on lg ims has stopped so you can see like 80 replies in 13 hours there are multiple forums threads here so you can try to create an account on their community channel and here are some possible solutions you can try it out so as for example this solution people say that it's working that just go to settings app in for storage and for stop and clear data so try that um yeah so i would if i had this issue i have iphone and i don't have this issue but if i have lg device i would just try to post here

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