How to control who can message you on Twitter?

To control who can message you on Twitter, you can follow these simple steps. Just tap on your settings, then tap on settings and privacy. From there, navigate to privacy and safety, and select the option for direct messages.

Twitter recently made a change to this setting. By default, for most users, it now only allows message requests from verified users. This means that people you follow can message you, but anyone else must be verified. Verification can be obtained through a Twitter blue subscription or some other means of verification. Once verified, they will be able to message you.

Alternatively, you can choose to allow message requests from everyone. In the past, this was the default setting for many users who wanted to receive messages. However, Twitter has quietly changed this default to verified users only. Therefore, if you wish to message a larger number of users on Twitter, you will need to upgrade to Twitter blue.

It is important to note that if you want to change this setting, you still have the option to do so. Simply go back to your settings and privacy, navigate to privacy and safety, and choose your preferred option for who can message you.

Controlling who can message you on Twitter is essential for maintaining your privacy and managing your inbox. By being selective about who can reach out to you, you can ensure a more positive and secure social media experience.

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