in this video let's create your own bot in uh in chai app so just go to the messages tab and tap create bot add avatar to the bot cop come up it's a name for your bot so you can okay let's just do that and then you need upload a valid image so here you can go to the gallery uh so okay here is some just snapchat filter or something and then you can do that whatever description that's what you can do you can add the first message enter a few facts about what to shape its character um so that's basically uh and then you can just this way you will train the model and give some some advice to to people uh like not advice yeah but basically you train the the model and all of that your all of bots non-subscribed users can only create one bot at a time you can still edit any existing bots so there you have it so now you see uh you see your bot you can edit your bot here you can see a rank messages sent conversations you can see user conversations and all of that so that's pretty fun and you can kind of edit this ai model because yeah and that's that's how it works and then you can create your bot and grow your kind of influence on this app and test different models so that's like a new feature of this chai app uh it's it's super fun and then you can see all this leaderboard of of the bots uh and then this is uh you will see your bot ranking so my thousand plus because i just created it but let's see i never used this feature before let's see how much time it takes that people start to converse conversation with it and all of that

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