hello everyone so here is uh iphone and then if you go to settings you will have family sharing and then yeah if you want to add a kids account so just tap on invite number create an account for a child create a child account this child account will be part of your family until the child is at least 13 years old he creates this account you must be this child's parent or legal guardian and write consent so then you do that let's see what happens to provide consent uh to create this character apartment methods require disclaimer methods will be used for verification purposes only it will not be used for making purchases and you will not be charged so then you need to add this payment method and then you yeah basically you will be able to to continue with the kids account then this payment method is used to verify your parental account um so something like that and then for example if you're using like family sharing in apple cash you can create an account for a child here and then your kids can use apple cash to send and receive money and use apple pay for purchases and then again you can create a child account from here so hope that is helpful

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