How to create a custom sense in an updated Obimy 3.0?

did you know that in a beamish 3-0 you can now create your custom sense so just tap on your friend profile and then tap on custom so that's the first step from the left create your own action just do anything you want to obey it because your feelings are unique so create custom sense then you can just describe this and then you can swipe to choose animation so i'm just swiping uh yeah and swipe here swipe left right that's basically how it works [Music] and then yeah you can then just unlock use a free trial so unfortunately uh yeah it's only available with our new package which is called wow or bimi so where you can create your own census you can have six new colors there are new fresh sensors and some features date reminders coming soon so that's basically it um so yeah hope that is helpful um thank you for watching enjoy this is obvious 3-0 so make sure to update you up to the latest version and that's how you can use it

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