How to create a digital health pass in CLEAR app?

okay so how to create your house pass or digital pass with clear app so this is the app where you can basically add your vaccination records and for example you can add your digital vaccine card and then when you're going to some conference you're going to some sports stadium event you're going an airport you can just create of course you can create digital vaccine card and also you can create your pass so for that you need to first to create an account with clear and then you can need to add code19 vaccination um so there you have it so you can select a list of events here so for example there is an alphabetical order the list of all events where you can go from travel from events from sports like for capital one area and then yeah you can just do that and then just uh to have like this house pass to attend for example capital one arena you need to enroll and create an account with clear and then add kovit 19 vaccination so yeah to create an account in clear app you need to verify your identity with passport and then your photo and so that's just to do that just go to profile tap on sign up get a free account enter your email address and then you will be able to do that so that's the idea basically and then you can just create a digital house pass                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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