okay so here is revolut app so to create a group bill you can just go to your transactions and tap on the arrow and uh add a group but you can also do it from here from the hub in the bottom right tap on group bills and then you will need to create a group just by adding the context so for example here i just have a new group i just created it so i can yeah yeah i can see the members of this group or i can create a new group um or yeah something like that and then uh yeah so i can just create a new group from here and then i can just add bl so i can see all this my transactions or i can create a manual deal like 100 chrona and then you just need to tap split with the group something like that it's just a test but that's that's how it works so for example if you want a restaurant or booked a trip together this is the way to organize group bills in revolut

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How To Create A Grouped Product | WooCommerce Tutorial
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