How to create a group in Shuffles app?

so to create a group on shuffle app just go to the messages tab in bottom right tap in top right and here you have a group name here you have you can select groups and friends so notice there are some people who are just on shuffle and then there are pinterest accounts so you can just name this group and then tap create in top right and there you have it now you just created this group you can message people in the bottom in top right there are group settings you can add members you can leave group you can delete group if you want so that's basically it um so as you can see shuffles app is not just about creating images and collages it's also about sharing and it's about like it's kind of social media uh i think even more with focus on messaging and adding following each others and pinterest so there you have it that's a group chat here where you can engage and collaborate and you can share your shuffles here as well

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