How to create a Growth Jar in SWEAT WALLET APP?

how to create a growth chart in sweat Wallet app so here you have grow tab in bottom part and then you need to create a new jar here you have three options select the duration demand your ground will be locked in the jar until determines the popular is 12 months 12 per year then there is regular six more six months six percent per year and then starts your three months your percent per year so then you just select this you select all your sweat or you just enter the amount you want and then you will see that how how many sweat you will earn uh yeah and if you earn some additional sweat unfortunately you need to create a new gross jar there is no option like just to add the existing spot to existing cross jar and then important things to keep in mind you can't unlock jars until the end of their duration Grocers are not risk friends there is a small chance of not getting our Capital back cryptocurrency Wireless fluctuate and sweat price could go up or down so then you just need accept and confirm and there you have it then your sweat is in the jar so basically you're like steak in your sweat token here so that's how it works in the app and yeah so that's the idea here of of this and then gross jar is created and then yeah after you did that you can also get access to some of these rewards but for some of them you need a lot of sweat meaning you need a lot of tokens so there you have it [Music] um hope this is helpful and thank you for watching

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