How to create a guide with places in Instagram?

here one so here is uh instagram and if you tap plus in top right there is a guide option uh here you can choose a guide type so if posts then you just this is the post you created or saved but also i want to show you how great recommend places in your city and beyond so here you can just choose a place like some interesting photo here and then you can just select uh yeah select some photos or post attached to it so for example like this one and then i just tap next and then i need to add a title to proceed and then i just yeah add it turn up like this turn open city and then i can just tap not ready to share guys must have a title card for at least two items and then yeah of course so then you just need to add another place and then when there are like two items you just add them here and then you just tap next share guys to your profile and then like guides appear in the guides tab of your profile and then you just tap share and there you have it so now your guide is shared here and then here is the the guides tab so hope that is helpful and thank you for watching

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